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Founded over a decade ago, TernalParts is an ISO 9001:2009 and CE certified professional manufacturing company based in China. We specialize in providing clients in Europe and America with SDAs, Reinforced Threaded Bars, Post Tensioning System Accessories, Rock Drilling Tools, and Formworks Accessories among others. We have a wide range of products and services for geotechnical applications, underground mining, as well as bridge, structural, and civil engineering industries. Our production efficiency and strict quality control system guarantees our customers stable high-quality products.

High-Quality Products from People Experienced in OEM

In over ten years, TernalParts has grown from processing low-side hardware to designing and manufacturing a complete set of products. We have our own factory as well as scores of highly skilled employees. Our annual sales have grown to millions of US dollars too. We are now in the international market and have developed our own brand to bring the benefits of our products to customers worldwide. As a company experienced in OEM, we are now aiming at becoming a global leader in ODM.

Mining Drilling Tools

Features and Advantages

  1. No additional casing required. Because the drilling fluid injected via the drill bit automatically stabilizes the drilled hole
  2. One step installation with sacrificial drill bits: drilling, placing, grouting
  3. Flexible drilling and installation.
  4. Similar installation methods for all ground conditions
  5. Choice different drill bits for different ground conditions.
  6. Flexible in length by using couplers.

Self-drilling anchor Consists of:

  • Anchor Nut
  • Anchor plate
  • Couplings
  • Hollow Anchor Rod
  • Sacrificical drill bit


Slope Stabilization: Achieve better and faster performance and improve ground resistance.

Retaining Wall Structures: Ensure the ground remains stable and allows for deep, wide wall structures. (Car Parts, basements, etc.)

Tunneling: Utilize in mines and tunnels, the anchors are the most economical solution for the reinforcement in overburden and fractured rock conditions.

Foundation: Anchors enables structures to be built on land with low bearing capacity or unstable land.

Anchoring structures: Vertical anchors provide an effective link between the foundation and the ground, while curbing the effects of fatigue when prestressed. Anchors can be used for towers, radio masts, wind turbines, etc.